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The Green Monster

With apologies to sports fans, this one is not about the joys of Red Sox baseball. Nope, not Oscar the Grouch either. It’s about cannabis, that green monster that appears variably as savior or demon, depending upon the frame through which one views it. Remember when you were little, and after lights-out, that pile of […]

Cannabis in Maine – The Year Ahead

2016 is shaping up to be a breakout year for cannabis. At least five states, perhaps more, will likely join the ranks of the legal adult use states; a few others may be added to the roster of medical use states, including Missouri and Utah. Cannatech companies will continue to shoulder their way into the […]

A Victory for Compassion

Linda Horan is a terminally ill lung cancer patient with months to live. She resides in a state which allows medical cannabis use. Five of her doctors have approved her use of cannabis for palliative relief. She understands the implications of her diagnosis and, as far as possible, wishes to avoid the use of opioid […]

Reaping What We Sow

Harvest time has a special connotation in the cannabis world. In California, “trimmigrants” make their annual migration to the Emerald Triangle, and a slightly skunky smell attaches to the cash spent at local stores. Outdoor-garden patients and caregivers in medical cannabis states like Maine keep one eye on the weather forecast and the other on […]