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Now is really the time…

Earlier this week, the Bangor Daily News ran an op-ed I wrote encouraging medical cannabis supporters, businesses and lawmakers that the time is now to “clear up gray areas in the medical cannabis law and to demonstrate that canna-businesses are successful and responsible.” The CRMLA appeal’s success needs to prove to doubters that legal adult-use cannabis […]

“High Court Refuses to Hear Cannabis Case Over Colorado”

Doug McVay compiles and maintains the highly regarded website He’s the web and social media coordinator for Patients Out of Time, a nonprofit focused on medical cannabis and medical/scientific cannabis research. Doug is also a news reporter/producer and public affairs programmer at public radio station KBOO in Portland, Oregon, and he produces and hosts […]

A big week for marijuana in New England

“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” –Yogi Berra From a signature-fueled fight over signatures, to a legislative committee seeking to resolve a an issue that science has yet to settle, to an assistant attorney general wasting taxpayer monies in an epically shameful battle against the seriously ill, it’s been an interesting several days for medical […]

Complex issues deserve rational analysis, not simplistic rhetoric

Any professional who works in this industry understands that being an educator and industry ambassador is simply part of the work. There is so much people just don’t know. We spend a significant amount of time educating people about medical cannabis, how to consume it responsibly, and how to comply with the state’s laws and […]

The Green Monster

With apologies to sports fans, this one is not about the joys of Red Sox baseball. Nope, not Oscar the Grouch either. It’s about cannabis, that green monster that appears variably as savior or demon, depending upon the frame through which one views it. Remember when you were little, and after lights-out, that pile of […]

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Aren’t to Be Feared, Instead Coveted Commercial Tenants

By Patricia Rosi As the CEO of the county’s largest medical marijuana company east of the Rocky Mountains, I’ve heard it all from potential landlords when inquiring about rental space — you won’t pay your rent on time, your business isn’t legal, you’ll increase the crime rate in the neighborhood, you’ll attract the wrong type […]